Reactor Sampling Systems SRS Series
for safe, representative and closed sampling of aggressive or toxic media out of reactors and tanks – quick, reliable, without process interruptions.

Modular Design
Reactor Sampling Systems are available as basic versions such as SRS-P (PFA-lined) resp. SRS-P-P, PFA-lined with air driven diaphragm pump. The systems operate, i.e. extract the required sample by means of vacuum or under pressurized conditions. In addition to the basic units, a large variety of accessories and options can be selected and the system will be assembled easily and complete, just according to the given specification.

Main Features
• Robust construction, assuring easy and safe operation at any time
• Simple extension with additional components resp. upgrading of   existing systems
• Main valve standard 1"-150lbs, PFA-lined, manually operated
• 2-hole mounting plates for easy installation of additional valves or   connections
• Various reserve connections
• Ball seat made of Perfluor, for wear-free and reliable sealing of the   PTFE hollow ball
• Flange connections acc. to DIN or ANSI

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