Inline Sampling Valves SSV Series, full-port design
for safe and representative sampling of aggressive or even toxic liquids from pipelines or vessels – under pressure, without any process interruptions.

Modular Design
Inline Sampling Valves SSV Series are available as DIN- or ANSI-valves, with standard deadman lever. The valves are distinguished by its dead-space-free design as well as the extremely short outlet way for the representative sample. Standard actuation by spring to close handwheel, optionally by deadman handlever. The sturdy bodies are made of stainless steel casting 1.4408 (CF-8M) or optional with resistant linings such as PFA or PFA-AS (anti-static).

Main Features
• Unique, patented construction, no pressure drop, dead-space-free
• Full port design, easy cleaning
• Only one opening to the atmosphere
• High safety through double cone system
• Easy and safe operation by spring return handwheel or deadman   handlever with integrated interlocking
• Fine dosing through simple stroke adjustment, even for smallest,   representative samples
• All-purpose valve unit – installation on large size pipelines, vessels etc.
• Modular mounting of options on valve unit
• Sizes DN25/40/50/80 PN16
• Face to face acc. to EN 558-1, range 1

• Bodies with heating jacket, buttwelding ends (clamp, threads) etc.
• Needle adapter for bottle with septum
• Bottle support, adjustable
• Safety cabinet with inspection windows
• Flanges with groove
• Safety padlock
• Activated carbon filter
• Vertical adapter
• Metal safety basket

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